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Victoria & George
Community Project: Undergarments Contents List. 
26th-Oct-2013 11:36 pm
Welcome to the Victoria & George undergarment community project . Since period appropriate and accurate undergarments for the nineteenth century are something which is severely lacking, the aim of this project is to create a set of underwear for each section of the era we cover, for both genders and all ages.

Community projects are open to all to participate in, even if making cc is not something you feel comfortable with. If you have ideas, links to resources, want to take preview pictures or test objects out, or even just offer support and encouragement, we want you to get involved.

Below are links to each section of the project and the finished items. So choose your period, have a read, have a think and leave a comment.

The Late Georgian Era (1795 -1805)
The Regency (1806 - 1825)
The Romantic Era (1826 - 1836)
The mid - late Victorian Era (1860 -1901)
The Edwardian Era (1902 - 1912)
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