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Victoria & George
Festive Event - Gift Pile 2013 
23rd-Nov-2013 12:52 pm
Sophia Hallowe'en

Hello everyone.  With the festive season just around the corner, I thought it was time to announce that this year Victoria & George will once again be hosting a Gift Pile.

It will be run in exactly the same way as last year, so you can create anything you want to share, whether it is a piece of CC, a sim, a lot, a greetings card, or  story.  Anything you want to share with the rest of this community, it doesn't even have to be holiday themed.  On the 20th of December, I will make a post starting off the pile.  You can then post your gifts to your own journal, or wherever you normally share your simming goings on, and reply to my post linking to your gift.

Any questions, please ask in this thread.
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